Open JW.ORG shared links in JW Library app for Apple Silicon macs

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Starting with JW Library 12.2 October 2020, you can share a link to a specific paragraph or verse right from the JW Library app. Those dynamic links may look like this

Only on Android, you can open those dynamic links directly in JW Library app.

What if you want to do the same with JW Library app on an Apple Silicon mac? A third-party app named Finicky1 will help you.

After installing the app2, create a file called .finicky.js in your home directory with the configuration below

module.exports = {
  defaultBrowser: "Safari",
  handlers: [
      // Open url in JW Library
      match: ({ url }) =>"") && url.pathname.includes("finder"), browser: "org.jw.jwlibrary"

Whenever you open a link from Telegram, iMessage, Notes, AirDrop… (not a browser app), the app JW Library will be called and show the content for you.

  1. A free, open-source, and built-for Apple Silicon app. You can download it from 

  2. One way is: brew install --cask finicky