How to scan QR code on mobile devices

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QR codes could be found on the Watchtower’s literatures as shorcuts to a video or publication in JW.ORG. It could be used to let you easily join a wifi network without having to type the password. And in the app stores, there are a lot of QR code scanner apps. We need a simple app, without annoying ads, work with the wifi system.

On iPhone, iPad, iPod

For iOS 11 and later, Camera app is the built-in QR code scanner. Just open up the camera app, focus on the QR code, and tap on the popup. You should not have an older than iOS 11 devices due to the system requirements of the JW apps.1

On Android devices

It’s complex.

TL;DR. Use Google Lens, if not, use Zxing Barcode Scanner.

If you are using Android 9 or later and you have Google Camera app and Google Lens app, you can go to More > Settings > and enable Google Lens suggestions.2 Now you can use Google Camera app (and/or Google Lens app) as the built-in QR code scanner.

If you are using Android 6 or later and you don’t have Google Lens app, you can download it from the Google Play Store. Now you can open Google Lens to scan the QR codes.

If your device is older than Android 6, you cannot use Google Lens, the good news is you can use Zxing Barcode Scanner app from Google Play Store, F-droid. The version 4.7.8 requires Android 4.4 or later and that’s more than enough for our needs because you should not have older than Android 5.1 devices.3

For Samsung Android devices, and Huawei devices there are specific instructions which may or may not work for your devices.

  1. On iOS, JW Library 11 requires iOS 9 and JW Library Sign Language 4 requires iOS 11 

  2. Usually, only Pixel phones and a few Android phones will have these two apps as stock apps 

  3. On Android, JW Library 11 requires Android 5 and JW Library Sign Language 4 requires Android 5.1