Get Sign Language scriptures as single video clips in Telegram

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Many times weekly, you need to send sign language video scriptures to your calls and bible studies. How do you do that? Some self-record; some screen record; some download the sign language video scriptures from the JW.ORG, trim, and send away.

One of our JW brothers created a Telegram bot and called it @nwtsigns_bot. Via the BOT @nwtsigns_bot, users can request the sign language videos of any books/chapters/verses from any sign language. The bot takes the users’ request, send it to the server on the cloud. The cloud server will download the whole chapter of the sign language videos you requested from JW.ORG, trim it to your needed portion, and send the final cut to the users’ Telegram devices. Everything happens in a couple of minutes.

Suppose you like it and would like to use it—totally free of charge. Please go to @nwtsigns_bot. At first, the bot will not work for you because the owner of this bot locked it for public use. All you need to do is send a greeting to him in the bot.

Currently, this bot is using the Spanish interface. The author is working on the multilanguage bible book names and bot’s responses.

Using this bot, let’s try a few tricks1 below.

/slv 2tim 3:2-5
/asl gen
/bvl apoc 21
/sil mat 28:19, 20
/ins luc 21:11, 25, 28, 34-36

After having the needed sign language scriptures as single video clips, you can save to your device or forward them away in Telegram.

“May all the credit go to Jehovah and His organization,” the bot maker said.

  1. By default, the bot will send you the video verse in the best available quality from JW.ORG.